Finding Individual Verses Using DAISY Scriptures With ENHANCED NAVIGATION

All DAISY books of scripture on this website are formatted with ENHANCED NAVIGATION, allowing the user to quickly and easily navigate to any individual verse, using only a Victor Reader Stream or similar DAISY device.

Navigation structure  of these DAISY books.

Example of how to navigate to a given verse.

Follow these steps to navigate to Isaiah chapter 65 verse 25. Of course to begin with you must have selected the Old Testament DAISY book from the “Book Shelf”, by pressing the “Play” button. Then follow these steps.

NOTE: It is advisable to press the “play/pause” key each time you accomplish a step in the list above. This will silence the machine so that you can focus on the next step.

The process outlined above is somewhat similar to the way sighted people would look up this same verse of scripture. After finding the Book of Isaiah, they would begin looking for Chapter 65. Of course they do not turn to each of the chapters as they search for Chapter 65. Rather, they turn several pages at once, perhaps 10 chapters at a time. Basically the same thing happens when they reach Chapter 65. Since the goal is to arrive at verse 25, the sighted person does not look at each verse along the way, but rather skips several verses at a time, checking periodically as they approach verse 25.

The process of navigating to a given verse in this DAISY book is an effort to optimize the search process and to minimize the number of buttons that must be pressed to arrive at any given verse.

With a little practice the process of switching from one level heading to another will become second nature.

The real purpose of this system is not to try to race a sighted person to see who can be the first to find a given verse of scripture, but rather to provide a method for a blind person to independently navigate to any given verse at will, without the need of a computer or notetaker. This process can easily be accomplished with the Victor Reader Stream or other similar DAISY book reader.

Navigation to the verse level works the same as outlined above in all the DAISY Scripture books on this website.

Shortcut for navigating to books in the Old Testament.

Each book of the Old Testament has been marked as though it were a single page. Thus the book of Joshua may be found at page 6, the book of Job at page 18, the book of Isaiah at page 23, the book of Malachi at page 39, etc. To quickly move to the beginning of any book in the Old Testament, simply press the “Go to page” button and then enter the number of that book on the keypad, followed by the “play” button. The machine will then announce the name of that book and begin reading at that point.

Shortcut for navigating to the beginning of any Section of the Doctrine and Covenants.

Each Section of the Doctrine and Covenants has been marked as though it were a single page. To quickly move to the beginning of any Section of the Doctrine and Covenants, simply press the “Go to page” button, and then enter the desired Section number on the keypad, followed by the “Play” key. The machine will begin reading at that point. In order to navigate to any individual verse in that Section, it will only be necessary to use the Level 4 and Phrase levels. By making use of this shortcut to navigate to the desired Section, the first three navigation levels can simply be ignored.